Core Values


IT touches everything. My choices have a broad impact. I must hold myself accountable for my actions and decisions as well as those of my staff. I must strive to make IT as transparent as possible within the scope of operational security and company policies.


New technologies emerge to save the world, then fade into the distance once a better, faster, and maybe cheaper game changer comes along. I must embrace change to adapt to this tumultuous environment when it is good for the business or articulate why it isn’t, rather than just go with the crowd.


Businesses succeed or fail by the reliability of their information. I must always be honest and ethical in my assessments and recommendations so that others may safely rely on the information the IT systems provide.

Always Learning

Technology and Business are always changing, sometimes for the better and sometimes in really cool ways that won’t help the mission. I must learn how the business works as well as the technology that supports it. Whether the knowledge is gained through reading, classes, or by listening to an employee; the ultimate goal is to help my customers succeed.