Communicating with your own Employees is as critical for any business as communicating with your Customers. I found that an IT or Company Newsletter can be an efficient way to get information such as tips, tricks, or reminders out quickly. Putting the newsletter on an internal website or shared folder provides employees easy access when needed. (and saves paper.)

One of the key functions of the IT Newsletter was to help users work with IT and IT with them. Users often have critical information that can speed along the troubleshooting process but they aren’t sure what to share or just want it fixed. I created the following poem to help them understand and to hopefully make them smile.

I shared the poem on a tech site and to my surprise, a publisher contacted me. As such, the original poem was printed in the October 2006 edition of Windows IT Pro magazine. This version has been tweaked a little over the years.

So enjoy and remember to share all information on an issue with your IT staff and don’t forget: be happy!

The IT Guy’s Eternal Plea

To fix computer problems
always call IT
but first gather some info
before you talk to me

What steps were you performing
when the system crashed?
What other programs open?
What messages have flashed?

Are you the only one around
Who seems to be affected?
Or have your peers begun to say
“I think I’ve been infected?”

When all this data’s in your hands
nicely assembled and gathered,
call me quick, speak true and bold,
And tell me what’s the matter.

Do not be tryin’ to guess
What calamity has befallen!
Just give me all the facts
When you come a-callin’!

I might ask you some questions
to find that little clue
That’ll really help me out
and show me what to do.

The important thing is facts
that truth be told by all,
if you don’t share the data,
my solution will surely fall

Follow each and every step
as guided by IT
The problem must be fixed posthaste,
on that we all agree.

And after we have solved your problem
no need to get all sappy.
Just go on with your daily work
and don’t forget: be happy!

all rights reserved ~ Daniel Sandifer